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By Reid Wright

I work in a town where trees are wrapped in tin-foil and pigeons fall dead from the sky. These are some the people, places and events I try to wrap my mind around on a daily basis.

Radio-controlled boat races

I heard a strange sound from the park one day.


Boats can cost about $2000 each and get up to 60 mph. Needless to say, the ducks were terrified.


Trailer fire

There’s nothing quite like the smell of burning trailer park.

Mounted shooting competition

16-year-old Kathy Hollmann is a women’s world champion mounted shooter. Last year, she won a pickup competeing, even though she wasn’t yet old enough to drive. Here she knocks over a target, but is able to come back and pick it off for full points.

Pigeon Show

Thousands of beady black eyes staring at me silently from cages as I pass. They want my blood.

Karate demonstration

There is no board.

Hydrogen fuel cell gas-mileage competition

The winner demonstrates his home-made hydrogen fuel-cell system. Hydrogen is known to be unstable, even explosive. When I took this photo, my flash went off and scared the begesus out of everyone in the room.

Bat hunting

We didn’t catch any bats. But the night-vision goggles were freakin sweet.

Old lady with a sawed-off pool cue

Sorry for the blurry photo, I was afraid to get any closer.

Tai Chi cactus

Urban smurf village

When their habitat was destroyed, the smurfs were forced to adapt.

Where the sidewalk ends



  1. I do enjoy visiting looking in…

  2. I do enjoy visiting, looking in on occasion…

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